Turkey Mourns Anakra Bomb Victims Video

Turkey Mourns Anakra Bomb Victims

Two days have passed since bombs tore through crowds at a peace rally in Turkey and still no group has claimed responsibility for the country's deadliest single terrorist attack.Turkish forces continued their campaign against the PKK over the weekend killing as many as 49 members of the group in airstrikes on Saturday and Sunday t he semiofficial Turkish news agency Anadolu reported citing military sources.Two suicide bombers are believed to have caused the blasts near Ankara's main train station Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said.The huge explosions shook high-rise office buildings and left bodies protest banners and flags scattered across the ground.The Turkish government recently changed its stance in the fight against ISIS and allowed the U.S. to launch strikes on the militant group's positions from Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey.Author wibbitzTags turkey turkish government blasts attack group islamic state of iraq and the levant pkk ahmet davutoglu ankara Posted 12 October 2015Rating Votes

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